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Numerical study of the crack growth variability under irregular loading

Полный текст:

Об авторах

I. V. Gadolina
Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences

Irina V. Gadolina

4, Maly Kharitonyevsky per., Moscow, 101990

R. V. Voronkov
N. E. Zhukovsky Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI)

Rostilav V. Voronkov

1, Zhukovskogo ul., Zhukovsky, Moscow obl., 140180

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Для цитирования:

Gadolina I.V., Voronkov R.V. Numerical study of the crack growth variability under irregular loading. Заводская лаборатория. Диагностика материалов. 2021;87(5):56-60.

For citation:

Gadolina I.V., Voronkov R.V. Numerical study of the crack growth variability under irregular loading. Industrial laboratory. Diagnostics of materials. 2021;87(5):56-60.

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